Why did my ex non stop texting me on NYE? And he text me happy new year right at 12am?

We broke up 2 weeks ago while I'm away (still am) last night he stay in alone on NYE and he kept texting me.

When replied happy new yea to you too (with his pet name) he stopped responding.

I mentioned I want to see the firework back home. Today he posted it on his wall and I know he's been checking if I'm online and if I "like" his post. Later he deleted that post.

Does he he still have feelings for me? Since he wanted to break up in just giving him space and only respond to text when he initiated it?


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  • Because he was thinking of you and is unhappy with his life. Either because he misses you or because he's lonely.

    • When he broke up with me he told me he miss me but not as much as he would think. He also said he has to go with his instinct as he always have been.

      What you think of the Facebook post thing he did?

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    • I ended up asking his current status as I don't want to be the ex girlfriend who is lurking around someone else new relationship. He said he is not seeing anyone. I asked I thought that was the whole point to break up? He said yes so both can see other people. He added he is not going to look for someone right away. He had to sort out his issue first.

      Then I said we can't have sex or else we become friends with benefit as we are no longer in relationship. He goes yea we haven't seen each other for 3 weeks. We are horny. I said more than that.. He goes I know then he said lets take the temptation away. He took from home to shop and say he will see me again soon

    • Okay. Cool. Stick to your values and go with the flow is always my advice. Thanks for mho. :)

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  • He is probably just bored


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