Chance for reconciliation?


I am 25, ex is almost 18. Age of consent here is 16... so by our standards, it is perfectly fine so don't freak out. We are also two hours away from each other.

We had an eight month relationship but seemed to get cold feet in December about our relationship--apparently broke down to her mother and said she didn't feel the same anymore. I am her FIRST real boyfriend, keep in mind... no true experience with love or relationships, really... only puppy dog lust and love feelings. She said "I have been talking to a guy recently and he kind of made me realize what I want in a person..." and then, yeah... that was it.

Basically, she said "I don't feel the same anymore". She said she doesn't get the butterflies anymore and said "It doesn't feel right anymore". We agree to breakup. I go NC, but break it yesterday to wish her well in the new year. She calls me up almost bawling saying "It feels so different being alone when we were together for eight months and I hate it. A part of me misses you and I still love you so much..." despite she has been talking to a bunch of guys recently. The other night she even sent a message to her friend about a post I made about moving on.

"Some days I feel like I made the right choice, and other days I don't. That update was so upsetting."

She is moving to my city in August for school. If I am still single by then do you think reconciliation is possible? She agreed that we could event flirt and stuff if she didn't have a boyfriend at the time...


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  • You should talk to the police about your problem. Make sure to include your ages since that's important to the whole drama of your story.


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