I don't want him but I can't let him go?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend and it felt so right for many reasons. I was so ready to focus on myself only and start over but after a month I started to miss him? It makes no sense because I wanted to break up. About two months I miss him even more and three months he has a new girlfriend, my heart broke! I'm going through a mini depression right now and I miss him. I know it's selfish but that's just how I feel? It makes no sense to me. I know that I'm not in love with him at least I don't think because I wanted to break up.. Yet every time I see him my heart breaks a little.


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  • Don't worry, you did the right thing for you. you just feel guilty about what happened and this is normal. you've to get rid of those thoughts by knowing that nobody is perfect and as long as you're alive, you'll go through a lot of challenges and options. no matter what happens. you've to know that you always chose the right thing for you, no one choose for you.

    don't be sad if that relationship didn't work out, but be happy cuz you're honest with yourself.

    Good luck...


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  • Let him go! Stay away and listen to music and pretend he never existed!


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  • If you broke up with him & you still miss him then you should go and him to be together again.
    Also, you should share you exact feelings with him & for sure he will come back for you.
    dont worry & go for it.

  • You clearly stuff love this guy. I am not too sure why you split but sounds like you want him back.


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