He dumped me, so why is he so angry?

My ex left for another woman and I've accepted it. Im moving on and don't want him back. We still have commitments to sort, so still have to see each other occassionally, but whenever we do he just acts like a jerk! Sneers, snaps, gives me sarcastic replies, rolls his eyes - even nasty remarks about me and gives me a lot of comments about me potentially dating or going out. I dont get it! Istay amicable, neutral subjects; dont bring up our break up and made it more than clear that its over for me too - so why the attitude? In fact, the more i move on, the angrier he seems to get! But he left for someone he said was better than me - so whats his problem?


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  • Actually he is quite jealous that how come you can move on so easily.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is angry that the break up hasn't affected you as much as he thought it would, it makes him feel that he wasn't that important to you if you can easily move on without him. He wants you to be devasted he left you because that would mean you lost something special. I am also guessing he hasn't resolved his feelings for you like he thought he had.


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