How often can exes end up as good friends?

I had a breakup quite awhile back, turns out the girl wasn't over her ex. She broke it off with me for that reason, and I didn't want to stay together knowing she cared more for him. During a period of time I spent getting over it, I realized I missed most of the relationship, but it wasn't the romantic part, it was what we had before it. She had basically become my best friend, I realized that though I did miss the romantic side to it, but didn't want her back, that too much would have to change. So I went and visited her, telling her I didn't want to lose our friendship.

We hung out a few times and she messaged me telling me she was worried I was trying to get her back. I became very blunt in a response, telling her almost every reason I did not want her back, one reason being I would have too much trouble trusting her in a romantic relationship, that it would take a lot to get my trust back.

things got better after that, one night I asked her if she still had worries about being friends, she said she did, that she was worried I was trying to just get in her pants. I flat out told her that I didn't have that intent, but that I wouldn't lie and if she tried with me that I would probably sleep with her, but only then. I told her that if I really were trying, I would have tried the night before when we shared a bed. Ended up, at one point, she said something about maybe she was a little conceited, I responded, yes, a little, well actually very conceited. The next day I told her I hope that some time she could understand that I really am just trying to be friends like we used to be. She told me that what I said the night before cleared things up. We are still texting back and forth through the days, I'm really hoping we can become good friends again to where we can talk about everything with each other


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  • Learning from my 1st relationship, in the future I do not want my boyfriend having any ties to his ex, I won't either. For your sake and the sake of your future relationships don't have ties to your ex.


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  • Like 27.8% of the time. Because we can measure this shit.

  • Fck that lol.


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