How to cope when your ex enters a relationship?

We weren't in a ''relationship'' but we dated for a long time. I am fully aware that I have myself to blame because I did not want to commit. Don't get me wrong I really liked him but he had done stuff that put me off such as sleeping with someone else while we dated. What pisses me off is that towards the end we drifted apart and when I do call the shots this girl shows up out of nowhere and became his girlfriend because most likely he was seeing her while still being in touch with me, while I still was walking around thinking we had something but it makes sense now. Instead of leaving me for her I feel like he waited it out. I just can't imagine that his friends probably knew and I feel like such a fool. Well now he's in a relationship for her and I'm trying to be happy for them but I feel heartbroken.. and angry? Any wise words here? I don't know how to cope.


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  • He wasn't committed to you anyway, you haven't actually lost anything he sounds like an opportunist. The best way is to move on yourself life is too short to be miserable. Seriously he didn't sound like a great catch anyway

  • Take a break from both him and social media. Focus on you and things that make you happy. Reconnect with some old friends and try to keep busy. Dwelling doesn't help.


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