So I really want to start a youtube I've had a youtube before it had 14k subscribers but I ended up deleting it because the guy I was dating at the time kept laughing at it. Yeah he was a douchebag which is why we broke up. But he still stalks me a ton. I really want to make a youtube but im so scared he will see it and laugh at it. Or cringe. Or say something mean to me. I also just feel uncomfterable with him looking at my stuff. But I know he's gonna end up finding it some way or another. And I have over 50k followers on twitter so Im planning on tweeting the video and that would be my main source of views. But I know he stalks my twitter so he would find it. How do I not get embarassed? And what if he calls it stupid how do I not get hurt or care? He basically harasses me how do I just ignore it? (Oh I didn't know where to put this in topics so if its in the wrong one just ingore that)


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  • If you never do the things you want because you're scared that someone will laugh and say mean things, you're not going to get a lot done :/

    Chances are, no offence, that a lot of people thought what you did on youtube was dumb. There are always going to be those people. But hey if that many people liked what you were doing well you gotta be doing something right!

    I don't know how you can stop caring about what he thinks, everyone deals with that in their own ways, maybe try googling "how to not care what people think" and see what that says. But it goes without saying that you shouldn't let a shitty ex hold you back! You'll regret not doing it in a year or so when you really don't care what he thinks anymore.
    TBH thinking about it there probably isn't any magic way of suddenly not caring, you literally just need to decide that you're going to do it, your feelings won't have changed or anything, you just need to decide. And you you should carry on with your youtube!


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    • lol y would I call the cops did u even read it

    • Yes I read it! He is stalking you right! Call someone for help!

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