Confused with my ex. what she really means?

My exgirlfriend said she miss me. Then on new years eve she replied to me. So I just need to know what she really means about her text. Here's our conversation copy. Please tell me. Analyze it for me.

Me: I don't think if I can greet you exactly 12. We are busy here. I must greet you in advance. Besides I know when its 12 you'll be busy too with your family. :) Smile. Have a wonderful year. I love you.

She: Happy New Year Honey! I wish you all the best in life. You're intelligent. I know you'll be ok. I'm so thankful I found you. As always, I told you, you are a blessing to me. :) Thank you for understanding and I hope that whatever's in store for us.. it's for the best. :) I love you!!!

That's her reply. Pls. What does that mean. We broke up because her mother disagree about us.


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  • It sounds quite non committal, she doesn't want to hurt you, but she's not promising you anything either

    • So this is my story, my ex girlfriend and me are so happy and fine. We always laugh, sing a song, walk in the park, sometimes just sitting and talking non stop. She's always happy with me, but the problem is, this past few weeks before our break up, her family told her that they don't want me around this time. They don't want us to meet each other. With that, we planned to meet secretly. Everything is hidden until the time that her mother caught us. That time, she has no choice. She ended our romantic relationship. But she told me that she want me to be constant in her life, she told me that she needs to finish her study first because that is the demand of her parents. She broke up with me. We broke up still loving each other.

    • That is a sad story, in that case what she has told you is true, she cares about you but because if her mother's disapproval she can't see you for the foreseeable future

  • I think she's open to a future with you, just maybe not now? She sounds like she's still talking to you like she talks in a relationship.

    • I miss her so much. Her voice, the way she laughs and crumples her body every time I cuddle her. Hahaha. The way she walk, the way how she stained her lips every time we eat an icecream. The way how she embrace and kiss me. The way how we talked non stop. And the way how we smile and be amaze that everytime we'll be together the sky will start to rain. A curse? A blessing? A romantic scene. That's how we called the situation. And last, the way how we fall in love that everytime we visit the old church in her place, there's a wedding ceremony. Our dreams, goals and plans. We can't tell if that was only a coincidence but we are glad that it happened a couple of times. I miss everything about us.. I hope she's always fine. She's always happy. And through the years when we meet again... And she still have a feelings for me, then I will love her unconditionally, fully and true. I will payback every moment we lost that we supposes to cherish together. We will continue our dreams. By her side, I want to stay for a long time. I love her... So much...

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  • may she still misses you but as per me there is nothing like you had before. so dont take it on cloud 9.


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