Should I text her this?

So my girlfriend broke up with me out of no where. She sent me a long text message saying she wants to break up. Everyone is shocked on how out of the blue this is. Should I not even reply to the text? Or should I just say something like your loss (and leave it at that)?
I know it's lame for her to do it over text. I'm just looking for a reply. I tried talking to her but she's not having it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's pretty lame to break up over a text. I would give her a call and talk to her about it then. but i guess you could answer the text with something like what you suggested


What Guys Said 2

  • As hard as I know it's going to be, you should ignore her. She broke up with you over a text. That's pretty cowardly. You may feel like you need closure, but there is no such thing. You will still have 100s of questions in your head after you think you have gotten "closure". It's best to just cut ties and see if she contacts you again in the near future. Hope this helps.

  • No dude I think you should move on


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