Is there hope? And what can/should I do?

I was with my ex for over 2 years and our relationship was good, so I thought. He broke my heart. After making a fool out of myself trying to get him back, I backed off. Then he wanted to hangout because he wanted to be friends. The reason he broke up with me was because he wasn't "crazy" about me anymore, but nothing else had changed.

After a little while I did hangout with him and we talked via phone and text. Later, he lashed out about something via text and I was so hurt, but he apologized the next day and felt so horrible. I tried to be civil afterward by sending friendly messages, but got nothing back. Then come the new year he wants to hangout everyday when we aren't going to classes and work etc. We've gone to the movies and bowling. But the last few times just drinking and hanging out at his place. He was drinking and becoming very flirty by putting his arm around me and holding my hand etc. No kissing, but very touchy. What does this mean? There are two things that make me feel no, but everything else tells me that he is missing me and "us". Without coming right out and asking and starting an argument, what can I do? I'd love to be back with him.


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  • It means that alcohol makes humans horny. That what it means. If he really wants you back stop drinking with him and see what happens; if he continues this touchy feeling without intoxication you might have a chance as he's initiating but make absolutely sure with a distinct question if he wants it.


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  • When he was being touchy with you it was because he was drunk.


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