Guys, Help!!! Would this really happen?

My ex and I have been hanging out since our break up a year ago. We always act like a couple ie. kissing, hugging, holding hands, and cuddling. Granted he wasn't always like this since day one, he opened up a lot with what he does with me and what he talks about with me or tells me. Now we hang out almost every week or every other weekend.
He recently took me on what I thought was a date date, he asked me to go to his place as earliest as possible (so he planned it) then he asked me to go to the movie's with him, he paid. After the movie's we got pizza and went to his place, he paid again.
Was this a sincere date? we're he'll want to do it again? Or just a friendly outing (we have never went anywhere together though)?
Then be went out on town to his parents for the holidays and I see a picture being posted by his sister of him talking to some women at the bar.
Another thing is he hasn't really been responding to my texts all weekend (I know sometimes there's poor signal were he's at but I don't know)

Should I be worried about him at all giving up on us if their could be an us?
Guys please comment!!!
Guys comment please!!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Relax, be patient, if he took you out on that "date date" I would say he does want something with you, you should call him when he gets back and ask him to be honest with you and ask him if he does want to have a relationship with you or not or is he trying to be just friends.

    • We'll no because I don't want to make it weird between us or pressure him because he doesn't like to be pressured.

      So you think it was a date?

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    • That's not even funny

    • Lmao have some sense of humor i know it's not,

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  • You should flat out ask him if that was a "date" next time you see him. I am guessing you want there to be something with him again. I wouldn't worry about what his sister in posting on social media. They could be friends from high school years ago. Don't always assume that he has lost interest. He is with his family and could genuinely be busy. Talk to him about it when he gets back. Do not worry yourself at this point. Hope this helps!

    • No I don't want it to be weird between us or him to be pressured because he doesn't like that?

      So you think it was a date? I mean he has never wanted to go out together before because a long time ago he said it would feel like a date when I questioned him about why he wouldn't want to go out and.

    • What?

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