Ex called after months to tell me she moved on, is she trying to get my attention?

My ex called late on night drunk to tell me she has moved on. I am just wondering if she has actaully forgotten about me or she is trying to spark something up. Why would she do this? Has anyone else done this and if so why? Thanks for the help...
Called her. No answer and no returned call. I may just leave it be for a while and see if I get anymore calls. Just don't understand why she would contact me for no reason


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  • If she called you, it means she hasn't moved on.

    • Thanks for your answer. I thought that too. Looking for others perspectives. Just wasn't sure if I was reading it wrong.

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    • Thanks so much. Will do. Take care😊

    • You are very much welcomed, you too take care :)

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  • She was drunk. She obviously hasn't moved on. She may be trying to get your attention, but you should wait to see if she contacts you when she is sober. If she doesn't then you know it was just drunk dialing. I wouldn't put too much thought into it. As hard as I know that's going to be. Now you have to ask yourself if you would want her back. Be honest with yourself. Hope this helps!


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