Can anyone help me understand?

Me and my ex broke up 8 weeks ago and ended on good terms.. We spoke for a while afterwards and I found out he's got a new girlfriend. I am ok with this and told him that I am happy for him and been nothing but lovely. I saw him out the other night and he made the upmost effort to ignore me and made sure I knew about it. I'm really confused as I haven't done anything to be ignored, I have been nothing but nice about all this. Can someone try and explain why he has done this please?


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  • don't worry about him, he wants to get your attention... (like you can see me, but I can't see you). this called a childish behavior. looking for a revenge will make you childish more than him, just be the bigger and walk away.

    • Yeah this is what I did, I guess it just really hurt because all I've done is be nice

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    • Thank you! I'm really trying to be happy and smile :) I guess I'm just frustrated wondering what I've done to deserve this but I know I've done nothing wrong :)

    • don't worry, cuz the more you're higher, the more some people want to make you frustrated and feel guilty for nothing. if i were you i would be happy, cuz I'm still in others minds and my happiness makes them busy.
      always look forward and never look back.

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  • Men do this for the benefit if their own ego. Fight fire with fire, hold your head high and act as if you don't care less - be better if you really don't care


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  • He probably finds it awkward, just give it some time and take baby steps


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