My ex boy kissed me a month after telling me he doesn't want to go back to what we had before... help?

so me and a boy i had been seeing on and off for 5/6 months ended and he told me he doesn't see it like i do, and that he doesn't see it working how life is right now. and thatt when we took a break he was content... i found out i was pregnant with his child a month later and i went over to talk. he was normal at first but then he kept trying to hold my hand and hold me... he was laying his head on me and holding my face and acting like we use to an dlike he really liked me... he ended up kissing my head while holding me and then he had me lay on his chest and talk... then he kissed me and we kissed for a while... i still have feelings for him and im not sure if this could mean he likes me at all or not pls help


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  • He probably got horny and was hoping you would have sex with him. Sad but true I'd say

    • tht is what I thought as well but he's the one who stopped it from going any farther

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