How do I break up with my girlfriend with out losing her all together?

This girl that I'm dating is really in love with me .I love her too but don't want to be in a relationship.I feel like we would go farther if we were just good friends.she is a really jealous and controlling type.If she felt any power over me I'm sure she would control me but she doesn' do I break up with her without losing her .She is very important to being part of my life


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  • You have no choice in the matter, if you break up with someone you are dealing with their emotions, whether they choose to remain friends or not is purely their choice. You cannot say 'hey hon we're thru, then say but we can be friends". if you make the choice to end you have to make up your mind you may lose her for good, or would you rather stay in a bad relationship, because the person is 'so nice'.You probably just feel guilty about the break up... Let it go ..put your conscience to rest, you don't owe anyone eternal friendship.

  • ohh that is a hard one.Stress the part of how important she is to you in your life.

    Explain the reason why you want to be friends with her than together. It needs be a great explaintion, she will eventually comply with it.

    She will porbably be crushed and might not talk to you for a while.

    Do you even plan to ever get back with her? Also, have you ever brought this to her attnention about the jealous and controlling thing?

    I would do it soon the longer you wait the worst it will be for both of you.


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