Help!!! If this one guy ignores you all week what would you think?

My ex took me on a date the Sunday before Christmas and then left town for the holidays. I have been texting him all week and he hasn't replied.

What should I think?


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  • He possibly reevaluated his future options.
    Nobody is that busy that they can't respond to a text.
    I think he made his decision but doesn't know his exit plan.

    If you want to be with him and he can't commit to that is it worth waiting around while you get hurt. Do what's best for you.

    I wish you the best

    • But I know he has feelings for me and he is out of town.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Just let it go, he could be busy if he's interested again he will tell you, but never wait around.

    • We'll I said he did take me to the movie's before he went out of town

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    • He hasn't text me back that's what I'm saying

    • OK so don't wait for him to text you back move on.

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What Guys Said 2

  • He is your ex and he still takes you out on dates that means he still cares for you, and for your happiness. I think you may be overthinking, it may not mean anything, may be he is just over occupied with other things.

    • True so you think he still likes me then?

    • He only took me on one date so far but we hang out and kinda act on a couple when we hang out

  • He's an ex does it really need an explanation?

    • Yes because he took me on a date and I can tell he has feelings are me still

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    • Like I said have fun thinking that

    • He does, we always act like a couple hanging out
      And why would he take me on a date then

What Girls Said 1

  • he is an ex for a reason. It takes one minute to send a simple message. If you see he is active on other sites like fb, Instagram, snapchate or whatever, then he is ignoring you. Walk away while you still can., you can find someone better

    • He took me on a date, we hang out like we're a couple. I know he still has feelings for me.

      I'm wondering why he's ignoring me. I know there can be bad signal were he's at but all week?

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    • Honestly I don't know. I ask myself the the same thing. Maybe he was lonely, or bored. But if he's not willing to respond to you to tell you then he's not worth it

    • Maybe your right

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