Do I wait a little while taking care of myself? What do you think happened/what should I do?

So I know people don't like reading big paragraphs so: here it all is lol
-he liked me a few months ago but I think he was rebounding, I wasn't over my ex either
-I came back asking if we can start over, he a week later hit me back. After "sorting life out"
- we fell hard and were obsessed w each other over text then in person
-we were really awkward and into each other
-talked about future and lots of lovey shit
-showed some trust issues
-presents. "Babe& baby". One date- on date we talked a lot and got a little sexual
-he got distant whole first date like it hit him we were together
-dropped me that night really rudely and said he was scared cuz he got cheated on, too much drama, knew how we'd end
-then he asked me why i moved on so quickly and told me he was waiting then he told me to stop talking to him stay out his life
- I told him I should've chose "so and so" instead during our duration of our relationship
I highly think he has serious trust issues and I really love him but i just don't know. And I know he still feels for me. I really don't know


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  • Wow Lol... Relationships fuck people up... people should take some time in between relationships to reestablish a relationship with themselves... Putting out of their hearts and minds everything the last mother fucker did to them so they can get on with the next person in a fresh way... less of a codependent way.
    When you first in a relationship, most people desperately look to fill a void inside of them... Which is why it is wise to take time with yourself first... Build yourself back up and realize that every relationship is a risk, and if you're not willing to open yourself up to a new person full on knowing the risks involved... Then you're not ready for a meaningful relationship.

    • I'm not the one with the issues lol

    • I was referring more to your boyfriend... But I can understand how you might think I was referring to you

    • Lol. Sorry, so basically I just need to completely move on, because I don't think he can handle it and I don't know when he will be able to.

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