What does it mean when a guy puts his hand on the small of your back?

he doesn't normally touch people and you don't know each other too well... he is working at a restaurant and you are a customer.

and then he comes up behind you to ask guy something and puts his hand on the small of your back and leaves it there until he's done asking the question?


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  • It means he finds you attractive and he wants to touch you. I am very happily married, but there are some girls who are just damn beautiful. I don't expect things to go anywhere (nor would I want them to), but I enjoy flirting with pretty girls and I'm more than happy to touch pretty girls. Arm, shoulder, small of the back... unless she makes it clear that she's uncomfortable with the contact.

    Girls are soft and curvy. They're a pleasure to touch.

    If he's single, it may also be a cue that he's interested in you.

    • Its interesting you say you're married... he might be. friends don't think he is but he wears a ring (but my best friend who is probably around the same age as him 23-26ish also always wears a silver band on his left ring finger and he's unmarried). he's shown other signs that make me think he likes me but he's not a flirtatious person and is usually friendly but very... quiet and seems kind of sad... if an older man did this I wouldn't think much... guys 35+ seem to be flirty without intent

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