Ex messaged me on Facebook?

My ex wrote to me on Facebook today to wish me happy birthday. I'm not sure whether I should respond or not?

We ended on friendly terms and neither of us have spoken much (or at all) since we did end. Our relationship basically consisted of four dates over a period of 6 weeks and I was the one to call things off when I realised we just weren't compatible.

We never discussed a no contact rule or anything like that seeing as there weren't many feelings on either side involved so I'm not sure whether to respond or not :/ I just assumed we were going no contact as we haven't spoken.


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  • He's probably just being nice. You can end it at thank you.


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  • If you don't want to have anything to do with him anymore, don't reply. But if you don't care then you could always just say thank you to be nice and leave it at that. He might think that's an opening to start a conversation, so if you'd rather not talk to him it's probably best to just not respond.


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