Why won't my ex block me or change his passwords?

I know that he doesn't HAVE to block me or change his passwords and I know that he knows how to block people and change his passwords because he's done it countless times in the past (it's very easy to do) but for some reason he won't do it!! I sent him 3 messages on facebook saying that I still have his passwords and can get on his stuff at any time. I told him that I'm obsessed and addicted to him and that I believe that he is the one. The thing is that my ex has been dating and living with another girl for 2 years now and I have seen him in 2 years but I talked to him online in July 2015 to get closure and he said that it was real between us (because I was saying that it wasn't) and that he still thinks about me often and we had something very special and beautiful. The reason we broke up is because I went crazy on him a lot over the course of 3 years and physically and emotionally abused him and then I would be real sweet and apologize all the time. I know I have a problem and have been working on myself. He said that we BOTH need to move on and stop talking to each other. So if that's what he wants then why won't he change his passwords and block me? I told him that it's hard for me to control myself and not go on his accounts and not talk to him...


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  • You may need to see a therapist. Honestly I'm not sure why he wouldn't at least change his passwords after you told him you know them but you really need help in figuring out why you are Stalking him and how to stop it


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