After a breakup: am I being overly emotional?

So I had to put an end to a long distance relationship with an amazing girl. we agreed on the reasoning and decided to simply be good friends. Not really expecting anything letting all the rules or whatever rebuild on their own if you get what I mean.

Well as a long distance couple we Skype a lot and she used to have no problem changing in front of me, even going far enough to move the camera as she walked around so I could see her while we talk. It wasn't really sexual.

Now I saw her about to change and she hung up all together. I don't know maybe its because its so soon but there's something about that, it kinda hurts. like now she's uncomfortable around me doing things that only a week ago we did every day?

Should I bring it up or do you think I just need some time.


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  • Let it go man. She isn't your girl anymore, you're her friend, you seeing her change is no longer appropriate so that means that boundaries of appropriateness are going to start to pop up. She's removing the intimacy from your relationship (which you should do in a relationship-gone-friends situation) to prevent emotions from resurfacing. You need to just take some time and accept that things are going to change.

    • You're right, I'm being pathetic. Just need to accept things for what they are. I guess I was juts a little hurt about how quickly things changed.

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    • Thanks Gravey Train. You brought me where I needed to be. XD

    • No problem my friend, no problem at all.

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  • I wouldn't bring it up, you have broken up so now she's doing the right thing by not leading you on and keeping it more platonic

  • No everyone griefs.


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  • Of course it's understandable that she would be uncomfortable doing those things because you decided to end the relationship and yes I would say you are getting a bit emotional about this.


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