My boyfriend doesn't have time for me and when I'm with him he doesn't seem like you want to be there. Should I cut him off?

My boyfriend doesn't actually act like he used to before. We've been dating for 3 month now. Before he used to be so into me. He would text me and call me and would wanna hang out with him and I loved it. But nowadays he doesn't even give me the time to talk to him or anything. He doesn't message me or text me until I do first, and when I call him sometime it just says to leave a message. When he's with me he's so impatient like he has somewhere to go and when I'm talking to him I feel like he's not even paying attention. I don't know he's just not the same anymore I feel like I'm the only one crazy about him. I feel like he doesn't feel the same anymore. What should I do? He doesn't even seem like my boyfriend anymore.


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  • ... I feel like he doesn't feel the same anymore...
    You are right in assuming this here, dear. He is being rude and crude and on top of This, he is being a cowardly lion for Not leveling with you.
    These are all the sure signs of a lame duck who is feeling trapped in a relationship that he doesn't want to be in anymore. He feels smothered, he feels that he is too hooked at the hipster and is giving you helpful hints with some hymning and hawing That... He doesn't seem even seem like my boyfriend anymore.
    Sit him down and have a serious convo with him. It appears he wants his freedom to spread his wings and as long as he has a chick, even you at his Side, the raw deal Is... You will only be taken for a long ride.
    Perhaps you both can come to some compromise so you can get out of this Cage that could eventually end Up... Rage.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you very much for your opinion. I always want to do that but is just that all of the sudden he's just so sweet again and makes me think maybe I was overthinking. I don't know why he's going back and forth.

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie, happy to oblige. This "Back and forth" is going to be nothing but an ongoing Full circle problem pattern that you will either have to deal with or sit him down with him and tell him you will Not put up with this year, dear. xx

    • Thank you so much, for the Vote of Confidence, and I am quite Confident you will do the right thing, sweetie. xxoo

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  • Absolutely you should even if he's busy and whatnot


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  • If you are sleeping together I'd say thats why he's hanging around at all (sorry) ditch him you can do b etter

    • I'm still a virgin and i am not planning on sleeping with a guy while I'm in high school. And I made sure to let him know that too. The question is why is he still around if he doesn't feel the same for me? Why is he wasting his time

    • Hmmmmm I'm not sure, it could be many reasons he just likes to appear to the guys to have someone. Either way you should cut him loose


  • Cut him off dont hurt yourself. When you love someone you always have time for them.

    • That's the same thoughts that I had before, even my best friend told me that if a guy loves you he would want to spend more time with you and talk to you more and just you know not get tired of you.

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