After months of nastiness I blocked my ex after sending him this. How would you feel if someone messaged you this?

I went down to the convent and got a mass said for your mum, I'm going to have to block you on this, the way you've treated me the past few months is disgusting. You are not a nice person and you have some real issues you need to sort out.
I'm not going to be happy until I cut you out of my life, your a very poisonous person.
I wish you all the best and hope things with your mum get better.
I do mean what I said if you need anything you can contact me.
But apart from that I'm not letting you be cruel to me anymore.
I hope you feel some remorse for the way you've been behaving. Your never going to be happy in life if you treat people like shit, it's a reflection that you feel like shit on the inside.
I don't think you are happy unless you put other people down.
I'm not dealing with it anymore.
Maybe in a few months when you sort yourself out and stop taking you anger out on other people we can talk.
All the best


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  • Kudos on doing that and sending that message.


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  • I would feel bad and guilty if someone sent me that

    • Well it's about time he did I'm sick of nasty comments, I'm sick of crude messages. I'm sick of no matter what I do I get put down and made feel like shit. We split up two months ago and yesterday I had to take a break in work to cry as he was taking yet another psycho at me and would not listen to a word I said. So I'm not starting this new year miserable constantly.

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    • I'm not feeling too good at the moment, because I didn't want it to come to this, but I bent over backwards trying to be friends with him.

    • You didn't say anything wrong at all, it wasn't even bitchy, you did the right thing

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  • You've said everything you needed to say, and you said it well and with dignity.

  • that's very mature


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