I don't want to give up?

6 year relationship. With 3 years of sharing a home. We're both started off young. In October , he told me he didn't feel like things would ever be how they' were before we moved in together. We agreed to continue trying , but it's a new year & he stated that he feels like we're going to waste more Time. I don't want to walk away because I still have hope for us , we don't fight & are still intimate. I asked if he would start dating other people if I left & he told me eventually but He wouldn't look for anything serious. I just don't want to leave , when I feel like we can still fix things. I don't want to walk away , and have someone else enjoy the house and accomplishments we have for our future. I'm scared the next person he dates will make him forget our 6 year relationship..


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  • then continue bro.


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