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So me and my husband have been together for 10 years been married 4years, everything was great first 3 and half. Then I caught him txting someone else il never know if anything else happened on the night out. So then we got engaged we married a year later. He's always been pretty selfish. We then got a dog I didn't want a dog because it's too much commitment and stress and I like a nice home. So I have in for it , he doesn't walk it do anything with it ruins our house. He doesn't clean cook tidy or help with anything. Basically gets up and goes to work. I've started working a hell of a lot because I don't want to go home. We have spoke about it and decided to part breaks me heart but doesn't seem like we have a choice I stay out because I hate the house I hate the dog and I resent my husband through it all. I want him to be happy because we are clearly unhappy. Just hard making theses steps. i suggested we should go chat to someone but he didn't want to I feel like there is no other options


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  • I am currently going through something similar with my girlfriend of 8yrs and we have 3 kids together, so it all started 6 months ago she had a girlfriend of hers and they just had good times together hanged out together basically i gave her some liberty u could say, but then 3 months ago i caught her with a separate phone and she had ig, kik, and other social media apps in that phone i also caught her texting with another guy telling him how bad she wanted to fuck him and that he was her king and alotta bullshit, so we tried working it out and even till today i have talked shit to her and it seems like i can't get over it, i have headaches about this shit and i think right now im at the oiint were i think i should let her go cuz she shows no interest in me

    • See it's hard and it takes a very strong minded person to stay with someone when they have done that. U deserve to be happy. Life is too short. I mean he text someone god knows what I do not
      Know I don't know if they hae kisses nothing I needed to go on his word he may be telling the
      Truth but I punished him a lot over it not now Atal or in the past 4years. But I still have no trust. Because he was the one person in
      My world that I wouldn't have thought this
      Could happen. I still couldn't believe it when
      Confessed. It's a hard situ. If ur not 100% get out buddy itl ruin u as a person. Just take care of te kiddies and move on
      . x

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    • Yea totally take care

    • Yes i will, you do the same

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I am divorced and can tell you that it is not easy. If he doesn't want to go talk to someone together, maybe you should go talk to a therapist by yourself. Show him that you're trying to take steps towards being a better you. Who knows, maybe it will make him want to start going as well.

    In my opinion, it doesn't sound like he wants to try and salvage the marriage. I know it hurts like hell, but you may have to accept that it's over. Don't jump off the deep end though and assume it's over. Just take it one day at a time. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you... I just feel I've done my bit u know trying. I never went to work for 3months and that didn't change anything. I know people do the cleaning everyday and blah blah but I actually deal with the bills , house cleaning , gardening , car issues u name it I do it. Just trying to make someone understand that I've been pushed to work all the time because that's my escape and that's not right. I want it to work but I dot want this to drag out. because his happiness is important to me even if it's not with me.

    • That all makes sense. Relationships are a two way road. It sounds to me like you have been on a one way road. Sometimes it is better to let someone go. Just make sure it's really what you want before you pull the trigger.

    • Can't remember
      Te last time
      We fell asleep together. It's just a horrible situ. We are going to hae a long chat Tomoz. It's make or
      Break. im at work tonight just feeling exhausted and drained. Wanting
      Him but that's not gona help matters if I go home we need to make a decision and go with it. This happens every other week

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  • I haven't been in your exact situation, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry you are going through this it must be very difficult and stressful. It sounds that parting ways is for the best though

    • Thank u. It does seem that way. We have been out today. And taking tonight to think what's best for the future. X

  • What's the question?

    • About how people get over it how do they do it

    • Tell him it's either therapy or divorce. But be ready to move forward with both options. if divorce is chosen then you should still see a therapist on your own.

    • Yeah that's a option for me. thanks

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