Why is ex boyfriend texting me all day and night now that we broke up?

He broke up with me via text 3 weeks ago while I was away on holiday. He insist on dropping my stuff in person unless I prefer post. Since then he text me day and night, He didn't bring my stuff but he came to airport to pick me up. He was hugging me really tight when he saw me. Then we went home we did cuddle and kiss cheek while talking about my trip.

He ended up kissing my lips and I asked about his status. He said he is NOT seeing anyone and not looking for someone new as he needs to sort out his issue first. He then gave me a lift to the shops and said he will come and drop off my stuff very soon.

Since then he text me a lot. I "ignored" him cos I was sleeping and found him posting pics of himself on FB later. He used to say I don't post pics of myself when we were together and that was his reason of never posting anything of me.

Should I confront him? what should I do? I feel like I was being played?


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  • Honestly it sounds like he is trying to sleep with you again or something more. I wouldn't confront him about the photo thing as it is something in the past now just worry about getting your things back if you really do want them if not I wouldn't bother with him anymore or ask him about what it is he wants and why he kissed you as it sounds like he is giving you mixed signals.


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