Ex wants to be friends just for now?

My ex and i were together for 5 months. We broke up because he wanted to focus on his new job that was very stressful. I told him that i was hurt but that i understand if he needs to focus. So i did the no contact for a month and a half and decided to contact him. We had a good conversation and caught up with eachother. We were talking for a few days so i brought up the breakup and told him that i hurt and that i'm sorry if he felt that i was pressuring him to come see me all the time or go places with me and i told him how i missed talking to him. He responded and said that he missed talking to me too and that i have been on his mind lately he said he did feel like i was pressuring him sometimes and he said he wanted to be friends just for right now and asked if i was okay with that. So i said i agreed we should be friend just for now. So since then we've talked and it seems like he'll stop texting me after a while but our conversations are normal. I know he's busy so i try not to worry too much. And i know i'm not his girlfriend so he isn't obligated to text me back all the time. Also, his job is only temporary and he's going to be done with it next month so do i wait till then and then contact him? Or do i wait for him to contact me? From knowing him he sometime can be afraid to initiate contact cause he's afraid of rejection. So i think that's why i feel like i have to initiate contact 1st sometimes. Our relationship wasn't bad we just had misunderstandings toward the end i think if we can just fix some of our problems by just communicating more and start showing more vulnerability we could work. But I just don't know what to do.
Keep in mind he is my 1st love and i know he isn't seeing anyone and he's been very focused on himself and not really hanging out or being on social media like before.


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  • Let him be. He isn't interested in you at all. Sorry I know that's not what you want to hear. If you stay friends with him you're opening yourself to long drawn out heart break.

    • What makes you think he's not interested? He's s very forward guy and he's very blunt. Wouldn't a guy just tell me he's not interested?

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    • I agree that if you like a girl you're gonna text her back. I guess i keep reminding myself that this job is really important to him so he doesn't want any distractions. I'm not saying its righ but i'm trying to be understanding. I try not to get too hung up on texting because sometimes i forget to text back doesn't mean i'm not interested just means i was busy and got caught up with what i was doing.

    • Sounds like you made up your mind. Best of luck

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