Why has ex unblocked my cell phone so quickly?

We weren’t quite a couple but he had been wanting a relationship, I was saying I needed more time to decide before we went from “seeing each other” to official. Just a few days before Christmas he threw a tantrum and blocked my cell phone saying he was done. (I've never sent him multiple texts after a previous break up, he's the one who has appeared on my door-step at midnight and always been the one to re-establish contact after every break so I think he was projecting his own behaviour onto me.) New Years Day, I accidentally bumped his name in my phone (stupid sensitive phone) and it dialled him for a second. I quickly cancelled the call as I suspected I was no longer blocked and 20 minutes later he sent me a very formal text saying "happy new year, may 2016 bring you what you want, and may you achieve all your goals". So I was stupidly caught off guard replied with, "You too. It would have been nice if I could share my new songs with you, you might have liked them. P. S - I know where I screwed up". I have heard nothing back and I feel so god damn stupid for sending that. I'm doing my best to resist the temptation to follow up because i think I'll just dig a bigger hole for myself. I realise it's a game he's playing. I miss him terribly though, just wondering why he would unblock me within the fortnight and then dangle a carrot then ignore my reply if he was truly done with me. I know he’s being a dick and I should move on blah blah, blah I just want to know if it’s a game or does he just not care anymore. Please don’t judge me, I’m in a lot of pain and just wanna know.


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  • Look up Borderline Personality Disorder

    • I've definitely heard of it but didn't think to apply it to him. Thanks! :)

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    • I haven't got the energy or inclination to argue with you.

    • Dear, you are already arguing with me. I'm the one trying to not argue.

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