Why has this happened?

Me and my partner were together for two years, very happy and living together. Towards the end, things got a little bit tough and he decided to end it. We ended on good terms and I kept my distance to give him the space he wanted. He text me a lot, reminding me of memories and it was lovely to talk to him again! He was telling me how hard he was finding it and it all felt weird without me. Last week I found out he was in a relationship with another girl, 5 weeks after we broke up. I am ok with this and have never had a bad word to say to or about him but last week when I saw him he decided to blank and ignore me when I have done nothing wrong. I'm really confused! So I need help with understanding, how and why he got into a relationship so quick? And why did he ignore me when I have done nothing wrong?


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  • there's some stuck feelings may not over yet from his side. those feelings may turn to revenge. thinking about his behavior will make you more confusing. just kill him with ignore and forget about him.


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  • He was probably able to jump into a relationship so quickly because by the time he ended it with you, he was already over it (or very close to being over it). So he was losing his feelings for you while still in a relationship with you.
    As for ignoring you, I don't know. Maybe he felt awkward seeing you again, or didn't want to talk to you in case it would cause drama concerning his new girlfriend. I don't know. But keeping in touch with this guy is a bad idea, it's only confusing you.


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