Girls, What would you do?

You're a girl who is dating this guy for the last 3 months. Everything is going very, very well and you enjoy dating him. But now your long term ex comes back to you. Your ex dumped you 3 months prior to you dating your current boyfriend. Now that your ex is back into the picture, you ask for a "break" with the current boyfriend. You want to take a few days to be with the ex to see if he's the one you should be dating and let your current boyfriend wait. What would you do if you were this girl? What would you do if you were her current boyfriend (also he has no idea why you asked for the break since everything was going well)?


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  • Hey :)

    Crappy situation. Just having come out of a break-up, I know what it feels like for her. And I am very sorry to say, but most probably you were a rebound. If indeed it's been over between them for three months, and you got together with her almost immediately after their break-up, it might be the case. If I were you, I'd ask her to be completely honest with you about her feelings and what she expects from you.

    If she is not over her ex, you shouldn't be hoping for your relationship to be a long term thing. Sorry.


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