After saying she can't see or talk to me again, 10 days later she's texting me

My girlfriend of 18 moths broke up with me about a month and a half ago. She told me she still loved me very much, but that I was too independent and she was too dependent to make it work. I still love her as well but as our relationship went on it was getting harder and harder to make her happy. She's a great person so I decided maybe we could be just friends (even though I still had feelings for her). So I obeyed the no contact rule for a month then asked if she wanted to play tennis and she agreed... until right before we were supposed to meet she texted me that she still had strong feelings for me and didn't want to see or talk to me until they were gone. So I speak from the heart and tell her I'll miss her friendship and that if she's happier without me I'll gladly never bother her again. And that's what I did. She didn't respond and so I decided to move on. Now 10 days later she texts me to let me know of a youtube video that she wants me to see and tells me to have a great day, then texts me again later that night to see if I'd watched it yet. I say I haven't, then she texts, "OK have a great night"! I don't think her feelings would have gone away in 10 days? Is this an obvious sign that she wants me back? Especially after telling me that she wouldn't be able to talk to me for a very long time. I just don't know how to respond... I speak from my heart and tell her goodbye, then 10 days later she's trying to make small talk. I don't think she's intentionally playing games or hard to get. So what's going on?


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  • I would just ask her what the heck is going on. If you guys really love each other and want to get back together then you will need more communication and BETTER communication (less txting). Maybe you would want to see a relationship expert/councilor person to help sort out your problems and if I were her id really appricate the time you took out of your life to repair the relationship and if I were her that would tell me that you care. But you really need to ask her about why she said that or why she thought that she never wanted to see you again


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  • Watch the video? If it was something random and not one she made or something sentimental and relevant like a song then maybe she is finally ready to acknowledge her status with you. Getting over your emotions takes a very long time, coping with them and at least coming to some terms though can be done within days, or even hours, of their inception.

    IF she's only contacted you about the video it's a little too soon to call it "small talk".

  • That's how it works. She probably needed some space, she has had some, and now she misses you. Girls do it all the time. Stop being so dramatic and stuff and it probably won't happen again.

  • she's not over you.

    like you said, you don't move on in 10 days (especially whne you've been dating someone for 18 months.

    i'd call her out on it and see what's up.

    she might be too scared to tell you that she regrets the breakup.


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