Reasons why you sent your ex a happy birthday?

My ex who i haven't spoken to in 4 months wished me a happy birthday, it was his about 3 weeks ago and i didn't wish him one
I didn't wish him one because i didn't believe there was any point. He had dumped me because he wasn't at a point in his life where he was ready for a serious relationship and i assumed he had no feelings for me.
The only reason i would have wished him one would be in hopes of it starting a conversation because i miss him but i stayed on the safe side because i assumed he would not miss or want me.

Can anyone suggest why he would send it? or if you have wished an ex happy birthday why did you do it? and what was your thinking behind it


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  • It's highly likely that he's just being civil. That's it. You don't have to completely ignore an ex in order to not want to have anything to do with them.

    • would you mind if i explained our situation a bit more? because i'm pretty sure you're probably right but i dunno

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    • maybe its just me but if i care about someone i don't cut them out of my life, i guess i'm just struggling with how i feel about him and clutching at straws hoping that he still feels the same

    • Well you choose either forgiving and trying to fix things OR moving on and not even asking these kinds of questions.

What Girls Said 2

  • Do not overthink it... Some guys are douches.
    He probably did it to test the waters, to see if you are still into him... But that doesn't mean he changed and wants to be serious with you.
    If he really missed you he would start random conversations... Just say "Thank you" and let it be.
    If he afterwards starts talking to you, then maybe it means something more...

  • I wished my most recent ex a happy birthday few days ago. I probably shouldn't have because he didn't wished me mine which was in May. He broke up with me a year ago, but we're like on and off with contact. We were together for 3 years and I still can't let him go completely, and neither can he. I don't think about him that often, but I do on special occasions like Christmas, new years eve, birthdays, anniversary, etc. It's really not an act to test the waters or to get him back, it was just a tender memory and a polite gesture. In past 3 years we spent those dates together and it's hard not thinking about him on those occasions. He wished me merry Christmas and a new year and I wished him a happy birthday. I'm sure he knows what my intentions were. Maybe next year we stop calling each other for those occasions, who knows. But for me it's still fresh and I still very much care about him.


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