How do I get over a crush?

I'm in a sad and confused mood because the guy i have a huge crush on likes someone else. He and I were very close and i thought he liked me back too but then suddenly he starts ignoring me. I'm not like one of those clingy type of people nor do i sound desperate, im an outgoing kind of person and so is he, but he's a very popular kind of person. A few days ago, my friends told me that he was flirting with another girl. I feel kind of bad because I was positive my crush and i had something but then it seems like he forgot me and what we had to go to another girl. I want to give up on him because it seems like it's not worth it to be crushing on someone who likes someone else because I'll get hurt more. But problem is, how do you give up on someone? He's the first big crush i have and i feel like its going to be really hard. Please help me out? Thanks.


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