Have you ever said goodbye to a lover from the past and sort of regretted it?

I know most of Us sll have ex girlfriends and boyfriends. They say their in the past for a reason, my ex girlfriends are all in the past cuz they lied and cheated and became someone different. But I can't help but miss one or two of them. How about you? Do you miss any of your ex's
  • I sometimes miss my ex boyfriend/girlfriend
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  • Nope, don't miss them, their in the past for a reason
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  • I was forced to leave them, I wish things had been different.
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  • Unfortunately I still sometimes miss my most recent ex who broke up with me a year ago...

    • Not the most but may I ask why he broke up with you?

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    • Thsts whst hsppendd to me and one of my ex girls, the very girl thst inspired me to start this post, we met long distance, we dated and had sex and all sorts of shit but, she went to college and turned into a slut and I was forced to abandon her... I miss the way we were but I don't miss the girl she bacame. Sleeping with a bunch of random pretty boy guys isn't something I could ever look past..

    • thanks for MHO! Now that I read your opinion again, I think you were right about him thinking with his dick and girls throwing themselves on him.

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  • I'm not an indecisive person when it comes to ending a relationship. I think some people miss the happy times they shared together , so it's the memories they have or the feeling they had when they were together that they actually miss... they don't necessarily miss the person. 😊

    I have made rash decisions before , which lead me to regret ending friendships though. 😞

    • I mean if you miss the memories with that special person it should mean that you miss making more special memories with that person, thus missing that person in general right?😕

    • Not necessarily , because at the beginning of the relationship they were a different person to one person they were when I left. So it's the person they were and memories we had I'd miss.

      Plus, I'm not the same person to the one I was before I ended the relationship so I couldn't make new happy memories with him like before. He isn't the same person either. Sometimes when people grow as a person they change and grow apart

      Obviously everyone has different past relationships so I guess it's different for everyone. Some people stay in love with an ex all of their life

  • yh i actuallly miss him a lot. I think about him at least once a day and its crazy. I guess it's because we only broke up 3 months ago.. But thats okay. It takes time to forget about someone but i dont regret breaking up with him.. It just wasn't working out and it was for the best..

    • I'm terribly sorry for your loss

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