Why did my ex say he had a dream about me?

My ex boyfriend (whom I'm now friends with) just told me that he had a dream about me last night that I looked "gorgeous" in. He didn't tell me much of the detail. I didn't think anything of it, but when I told my friend, she thought it was really weird and she was convinced he wouldn't say that or dream about me unless he still has feelings. I kind of disagree with her.

Is it normal for an ex to say something like this? Or is my friend right? She apparently doesn't understand why he'd tell me that unless he had some sort of motive behind it, but I can't think of a motive necessarily.


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  • Its just a dream don't read into it because your just confusing the crap out of your feeling. If he harbor feeling for you than he would say it out loud but he didn't. Its just a dream; find someone who will love you that will not play game with your heart and feeling.

    • It's actually not me who was reading into it, it was my friend and then I started to question whether or not she was right so I thought I'd ask here because I was just curious, haha. He doesn't play games with me :)

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