What went wrong? Was it something I did? Should I try reaching out to him?

When I was a junior in boarding school, I had a crush on this football player who was a senior. I had never had a crush on anyone like this before in my life. Like the minute i saw him i instantly felt this connection to him and instantly wanted to get ot know him. I asked everyone about him and eventually he got to know.

I know i was a bit crazy with how i liked him because i always i talked about him wanting to know all about him. I even thought he liked me for a while becuase someone told me he was always asking about me and she even said he like me. but i was confused becuase he texted a friend saying i should stay the fuck away from him because the pulled a prank saying i wrote him a love letter and sneaked into his room to put it there which was a lie because i was not even in school at the moment.

Then another friend told me i should stop liking him because he and his friends would always make fun of me which i experienced first hand. The guy i had a crush on would even say hi to me but only when his friends are there but i wouldn't answer because i knew they would try to use it against me. There was even one time they were having a snowball fight and he tried but failed to trhwo one at me. after a while i left school and forgot all about him, well tried to because his friends will always bother me.

And i would always have dreams about him of him trying to get to know me and wanting a 2nd chance even when i didn't want to. I told someone about this and they said maybe you guys will end up together in the future and i was like no way in hell. I know this will sound stupid even asking for advice but i would just like your opinion.

I am in college now having fun but you can't always seem to run away from your past becuase we have so many mutual friends and might end up running into each other in the future. and would like to also know what i should do then. or should i try reaching out to him and be like hey let's
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  • He may very well have liked you too, if you don't ask you won't know and he might still be up for trying a relationship with you, it's very possible that he still has feelings of attraction for you so it couldn't hurt to find him and try. At the very least it'll put you're mind to rest

    • but what should i message him because i don't want to seem desperate or annoying

    • Just talk and get to know him alittle, see if he wants to meet up some time and then be around each other, see if it's all good and talk to him. Then maybe slip something in about how you felt in the past about him and see how it goes ;)

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