Guys: Would having scoliosis be a problem?

Okay, so I have scoliosis. If you don't know it means that the upper half of my spine is curved and my entire spin is twisted. Yeah. So, it's not that noticeable when I'm wearing clothes, but if I take my shirt off you can tell. Like how my right shoulder is slightly higher than my left. And how my right shoulder blade sticks out but my left shoulder blade kind of sinks in. Or how when I lay on my back my right ribs are about a half inch higher than my left. Would this be a problem for anyone? I've had a couple people tell me that it makes me looks disfigured. They were probably kidding because it's not that bad, but I just wondered.


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  • Be upfront with your partner that you have Scoliosis and you should be okay. Don't let that be a surprise though, because should you do so then you will have "repulsion issues". If people know it's coming and accept it they are generally good about it.


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