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I went out with a girl for 6 months, But the last 2 months are from a break we decided to have cause she said cause were not seeing a lot of each other. So 4 weeks ago she was telling people that she was gonna end the break. I was Happy to hear this and that exact day I see her dancing on some random guy in the parking lot of my school I get mad and don't say anything so I still think were still talking and everything is cool so I ask her if you want to do anything this weekend she walks off and goes to her "NEW" Boyfriend... They had sex 3 times from what I hear...

I'm pretty hard-headed so what should I do?


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  • Breaks = a free excuse to see a new individual. There is no such thing as a "break" in a true-love-relationship. Period.

    My suggestion, is to move on. It's obviously altering your emotions that she is seeing new people, and that is fairgame of the "break" type of reaction. The way I handle these situations is with a shrug and a smile while I move on to someone real. Really? 3 times of sleeping together? And they haven't even been official for that long? Usually a break is a week- so if they "have been official" that means that your "break" is really a "break up" or that she was cheating on you. Either one means that the relationship is over and it's time to move on.

    She danced on him infront of you, that's not constituting anything about being her new man, but it's more than enough (considering the environment) to assume that she likes this individual. With that being said, it's all fair game; however, it's more than enough reasoning to make an accurate decision.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Walk away from her...She gave you false hope...You deserve someone better..


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  • If you're hard-headed, you'll walk away and date somebody better. She didn't make the cut because turns out she doesn't have class. End of.


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