Ex boyfriend contacted me after 6 years!


2 days ago my ex-bf contacted me over IM.

He had broken up with me 6 years ago when we were in high school, after we had dated for 9months. Before dating, we were best friends for a year. The breakup was not messy but emotionally draining. For both of us, it was our first love.

Since then, he has had a long term (5yrs) relationship with another girl -- they broke up a few months back. And I have had a couple of short term relations.

During this period of 6years, we have had exactly one phone conversation, and 2-3 IM conversations (all initiated by me and all pleasant but formal). But there has been nothing in the last 3yrs. Recently, I signed onto an IM service that I had not used in years! He was friends with me on that IM service and withing a min. of me signing on, he messaged me,

We talked for an hour that day, and then another hour the next day, and then for 2hrs today! The conversation has been friendly and polite. General catching up type. But he has asked me about my love life, marriage plans and long term plans ( we are not in the same country right now).

Basically, I don't know what to make of this. It is probably too early to tell anything anyway, but Id like to know what other people think. Is it just curiosity? But then you don't need to chat for 4hrs in 3days to deal with curiosity! Does he want me back? Does he want to be friends with me?

As for me, I am single. I still love him but I am also over him (have been dating others) & have an active eharmony profile ;)

I am asking this because Id love to have him back as a boyfriend so I want him to know I still care, but if he is just looking for friendship I don't want to drive him away because I am OK having him as just a friend. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks.


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  • I think a lot of guys thoughts go back to ex girlfriends when they break up with someone. Both of you need to spend a bit more time catching up then if you are close you should be able to talk honestly and openly, lay some ground rules if you need to so you both know where you stand and what you expect from each other.

    If its meant to be it will happen naturally, don't go getting your hopes up just take it slow and enjoy catching up and getting to know each other again.

    • Thanks for the reply. I agree with you .

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