Will my ex get back with me? (would you?!?)

OK well my boyfriend had saw a picture message that this guy had sent to me of his penis, and I forgot to erase it. That picture didn't mean anything to me and I told my ex that but he was very angry and broke up with me. Me and my ex still talk and he came over just today and we had sex for the first time since we broke opium just so confused, I really miss him as my boyfriend and we both loved each other very much and had plans to get married. I don't know if he will get back with me I really hope he does because he was so perfect for me.


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  • FIGHT FOR HIM>>> Most of the blogs posted in the net says : don't be so desperate and stay away from him and he will surely come back when he missed you and when he realized that he needs you.. I don't believe in that because it always depend on the type of guy.. my Boyfriend and I broke up last month because he found out that I cheated him for the 2nd time around, it's hard and you feel that you can't live without him, I really felt nothing but regrets, he's a nice bf, he's doesn't have vices [only DoTA], and he's very faithful to me, but I destroy the trust not only once but twice.. then when he found out that I betrayed him for the 2nd tym, he broke up with me, he even scream and told me bitter words which he never tell before.. I was crying on the first week, then I told myself that I really love him and I won't give him up..if I give up and stay away from him, I will just regret in the end for not fighting for him.. I say sorry a thousand times but it didn't work, he said he will stay away if I continue begging him to come back, .. then I told him that I won't beg anymore but I won't stop fighting for him... he said I have no chance of having him back because he already woke up.. and he will never come back, but I didn't stop, I always chase him, always there where he is...i played dota even though I don't know how to play it, I work hard to learn the game just to be with him, because if I stay away from him, he will surely forgot his feelings to me,.,.then after 2 weeks, we've talk and I told him that I will wait for him no matter how long, and even if he found other girl I will still wait for him, then he hugged me and said he will not look for other girl, he wants to be single until he graduated [2 yrs.].. then after his graduation if he still has a feelings for me then he will come back, he also told me that my chance of having him back is only 10%... every week is pain in my part especially I always see him in school.. we have no communication anymore, we only talk for a while but I'll make sure that once a week we meet and talk.. and during that meeting I'll make sure that I will give my best to show my love to him,.,i write letters and put them secretly on his bag or notebook etc.. my friends told me to stop and give little pride to myself, but I didn't listen and I continue fighting for him even sometimes it feels ashamed... but then after a month, yesterday, I told him to keep my 10% chance as much as possible.. and he suddenly told me it's not 10% this time, it's more than that this time..I realized that my efforts are worth at all because my chances of having him back increased... if I didn't fight for him, for sure he's feelings for me now has totally gone especially he's the type of guy that can easily move on.. so if you love him fight for him, show him your love, it's hard and painful but it's good that you did something than nothing before you totally lose him.. PROVE TO HIM THAT YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG

    • Wow thank yuo your story is amzing and gives me tons of hope. I only wish you the best in life. thank you.

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  • That just means no you're his booty call. Sex while not in a relationship does not mean one step closer to getting back, so don't have your hopes up.

    How exactly did you even get in a position where a guy sends you pics of his **** anyway?

    • Alot of guys like me and always tell they want me and they will randomly jus send pics 2 me.

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  • personally I think you should move on.

    your ex-boyfriend is only going to come back to you for sex and nothing else. and don't try to convince yourself that by having sex with him your going to make him fall back in love with you

    in my opinion you're too young to be making plans to get married... you're just young. enjoy life... move on ... plenty of fish in the sea

    i know I know it doesn't seem that way... but trust me ... go out with your girlfriends have a good time and just forget about him. you broke up for a reason, right? and what ever that reason was ... neither of you should have to change... you should just except each other for who you are... and if you cant... then you're not meant to be .


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