Taking it slow?

first date - she picked me up, we drove around and found a spot out near where she lives and stared at the stars and talked for a good hour. we drove around some more, she dropped me off at the bus stop cause I asked her to, and she said "we should hang out again sometime". a few days after I told her that I really liked her cause we've been talking for quite some time, and she said "I really like you, too... the way you think and the way you are is just awesome... I just think we need to get comfortable with each other first" and after that date she's ended messages with X and Os.

second date - I asked her to a movie, to which she said yes... after the date, she dropped me off and said "Gimme a hug" and I did. she invited me to a B Ball game on the 21st of March cause she had tickets. in the theater I put my arm up against hers, and she didn't seem to mind... in fact she was picking up her drink with her right hand, but it was on the left side. if she had an itch on her left side, she'd use her right hand, not the left... until she crossed her arms. I stretched a bit, put my arms back on the rest, and she put her left arm against my right again. after about 40 minutes she crossed her arms again until the end of the movie.

should I take these signs as a RED FLAG, or pursue her?


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  • Give it a 3rd try. If she still doesn't let you kiss her at least then she just sees you as a friend.


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