Take her out for Valentine's Day?

Ok, I've had a crush on this girl for a long time, and now she's single.

I met her in a class and she always seemed pretty fond of me, drank out of my drinks, and even wanted me sitting next to her.

Well her boyfriend of 2.5 years dumped her about 3 weeks ago, and kicked her out of his place. She was really upset and I was there to assure her it was going to be ok. She's finally decided she's not going to try and get back with him, and got a tattoo to kinda represent that. It was a revolver at her hip held by some frilly band and she told me it means she's "Sticking to her guns, and not going back".

Well recently a girl I was seeing for a little bit dropped the bomb and said it wasn't working out. Now I have nothing to do for V-Day.

I'm wondering if I should try and take the first girl out for Valentines Day... I'm damn certain she's attracted to me, but is it too soon to make a move?


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  • Different girls take break ups differently. In my opinion after 2.5 years, 3 weeks isn't much closure. Do you think maybe you should get a group of friends together (including her) and all go out together. Maybe a few couples and a few singles just all go out and have a good time. YOU invite her so she knows that your there, have a great night then at the end offer to walk/drive her home or ask her to go for a walk. It might make her feel less pressured and take the worries off her mind. It shows your not too fast too!

    • That would be GREAT if any of my friends weren't so damn busy all the time. One is married with a pregnant wife, on is in another state, one has a WoW addiction... most of my friends are just unavailable 90% of the time. The girl I WAS seeing got rid of me because I was going too fast and she thought I had ulterior motives, so I guess I should learn from that and slow down. idk...

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    • I guess I could call her on my lunch break and be like "I need to get my mind off this Valentine's day crap... you want to get some of your friends together and go bowling or something?"

    • That sounds really good! Hey you'll never know unless you give it a shot, go for it! I reallyt hope it works out, Good luck dude :)

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