Get him back?

Would not calling my now ex-boyfriend for a couple weeks or months keep him wondering what I'm doing or will he just lose interest and think I gave up too?!


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  • My ex played the "avoid me" card.. didn't answer my calls, or any of my requests to talk and try to work things out.. She was told that ignoring me would work and eventually get me back. In the long run, her ignoring me completely pushed me away. We were together nearly 4 years, and she was completely immature about the breakup as well as very shallow. The ignorance of avoiding me was just the icing on the cake. She's well aware I am not interested anymore too.

    • Ooh, okay I see. Well I guess I will contact him after about two weeks if he hasn't called me yet!

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  • Yes, he will be wondering what you are doing, and yes he will lose interest. He's thinking the same as you are now. May sound strange. But, we are human. We all have the normal activity of response of some sort. keep this in mind, if you want him back, let him know. Sometimes we have to be the bigger person and make the move. Absence doesn't always make the heart grow funder.

  • I think if you really want him back you should make him jealous but not to much because if you make him really jealous he would think you are over him in he probably get over you


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