My ex wants to meet up and exchange things, why?

so I got dumped 8 weeks ago he never contacts me but when I said give my things to a mutual friend he said he wants to meet up with me and exchange things why? I asked when and he just said I will speak to you next week about it. Today I sent 7 messages today and he didn't reply maybe now he won't meet up with me. Do you think I messed it up? Do you think I could maybe get him back. I asked if he still loves me but he said he can't say because it doesn't matter. He broke up with me for a month before and we got back together. But he would contact me sometimes.


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  • Hmm. Seems like there's more to this situation. My suggestion would be to look around and see what you can find out. Is he having family troubles? Is he talking or dating other girls? Is he hanging out with another social group? Is he getting into trouble? This are the kinds of things that you should be looking for in hopes of finding out what's going on.


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