How often do guys come back?

anyone who's had their ex boyfriend come back, or gone back to their ex please tell me your stories. no matter who did the breaking up. how long did it take for them/you to realize?


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  • I can say they almost always come back. I mean it depends on the relationship but I've been in 3 relationships in the past 5 years. Two of them were about two year relationships and one (a rebound) was about two months. All three I was broken up with and with all three they came running back. How long it took them to realize varied from a month to about 6 months. I don't think the question should really be if they came back but how you feel about them coming back. My last boyfriend and I broke up and I was crushed. But my mom swore id be over it after about 5 months and I even made a bet with her that I wouldn't be lol. But I did and it was the best thing that happened to me and the second I stopped caring is when he came back... So don't stress to much about it.

    • Really? okay, thank you. that makes me feel much better. my mom promises that he'll be back eventually too. lol that's funny. but yeah, I dated him for five years..and it ended on him messing up, and me ending it. its been a few months we've been broken up but only a little over two that we have no talked AT dealing with it better..i can actualyl say I don't need him now, but part of me still wants him to realize..

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