Can I get into a relationship with a religious girl who has never dated?

I was working one night at the campus center of my college. A girl came in asking to have the b ball game put on the big screen TV in the cafeteria. I was speechless. I thought she was the cutest girl I've ever seen. I turned the TV on for her and she went down to the cafeteria to watch it. After about 20-30 minutes, I went down to join her. I sat at a table near hers with my back turned to her awkwardly staring at the TV. After 5 min., she asked me if I liked the Bulls too? I turned to her and told her that I've been a fan since the Jordan days. I'm a die hard Bulls fan. After talking to her for 2 min. I stood up and asked if I could sit down at her table. She smiled and nodded so I sat down next to her. We talked for about an hour about b ball and college and kinda got to know each other a little. After my shift ended, I got up, shook her hand and I left. I was kicking myself for not having a way to contact her in the future. After a week passed, I was able to find her on Facebook and I added her as a friend. Over the next couple weeks, we chatted back and forth, usually through my efforts. I told her that I thought she was cute, and I kinda asked her out in a joking way. She said no in a joking way and I told her I was disappointed in a joking way. All this was done through Facebook. A day passed, and she saw that I was online and started a conversation with me. She asked me some personal questions like "Have You ever dated anyone?" I told her that I had one girlfriend in high school. I then asked her the same thing, and she said that "she had never dated anyone". I later told her how I came down to the cafeteria to watch the game with her because she was so cute. She said I was " the most straightforward guy she had ever met" and that "I was soo sweet". She also told me that she thought I was a "playa" when we first met and was glad to learn I wasn't. We continued to chat online for the next month during winter break. We would talk for 3-4 hours every other night. We flirted often, I even jokingly described my ideal girl to her in her image which was also true. Over this time, I started to like her because we had so much in common. I thought she liked me. Once school started up again, I met her again at work. A week later, I asked her out, and she told me that she doesn't date. This made me very sad and I told her, In detail how much I liked her and how sad I was. She said she felt bad and didn't mean to lead me on. I didn't talk to her for a week. After that I told her that I wanted to be friends and we hung out and talked online and texted each other a lot for the next month but I still hinted that I liked her and she suspected it Then one night, I was drunk and I hugged her, and put my hand on her back a few times. She said this made her uncomfortable a few days later via a text and stopped talking to me. (She doesn't drink) I apologized and that's where we are.I like her a lot and I can't get her out of my head. What should I do?


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  • WOW...what the hell is this homework or an essay? You should put her aside and tell her all your feelings, start, to end. Then tell her even though she has no experience tell her you will guide her. Make her feel special. Ladies love that!

    • She is mad at me for making her feel uncomfortable when I was drinking. I didn't think that I was being inapropriate for hugging(touching) her but she thought I was. I don't know if she felt that way because I was drinking and hugged her or if it was just the hug Before that, she would meet me to watch games, and play bball and pool and she would text me every 30 min now,she barely responds to my texts and I haven''t seen her since. Should I give her time to cool off? Apologize again? other ideas

  • well you should maybe ask why she doesn't date, based on what principles. she must have a reason and it always helps to know the reasons behind these kind of decisions! sometimes it's just fear because of something she saw a friend go through and sometimes it's because most of the guys our age out there are just looking for flings and end up using nice decent girls. show her you're really interessted in her, try to figure out (by asking her and talking to her of course) her background, religion, believes etc. once you know that you can figure out a way to convince her and if you see her principles are too strong and there's no way she would change her mind, then you have no choice, you need to move on!

    • Right Now, I think I should try to get her to not be mad at me anymore. Any ideas on how I can do that?

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