Should I take this as real or just let it all play out?

I have been seeing this guy for about 4 months. Almost a couple months into seeing him, he decided the relationship stalled, so I backed off him. He is now back and seems like he has done a complete change. I have been very difficult to him by not just allowing him back into my life. He knows where I am coming from and that he hurt me the first time around.

Since we have been back together over the last couple months, he wants to be with me as much as possible, wants to help me around the house, offered to loan me money, etc. He has briefly mentioned "us being in a relationship". He calls me a couple times a day and is even trying to get me a job where he works. He is in his 40's me in my 30's. I do like this guy, and last night he mentioned how he really enjoyed my company over the weekend, and was kidding that I should build him a bedroom in my basement.

He says sometimes I am mean to him, and if he didn't like me he wouldn't stick around He does not have money issues, so he isn't using me for money. I have not let my feelings show towards this guy, but when he called it off a couple months ago, it hurt. Now he really seems like he has changed.

Is this guy for real acting this way, or do I just let it all play out?


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  • He's probably "for real"; usually grown men don't play teenage games and if he seems really intent on settling down at his age he's got the maturity level to make a solid decision. Give him a shot, but don't let him over-extend himself. Just keep it normal.


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