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OK this is gonna be long I have a lot to explain...my ex and I have been broken up 2 months (today) and I just can't seem to get her out of my head, every morning, every night...it got easier up till Friday this past weekend..i took advantage of my ex in the beginning of our relationship with how much she cared about me - I figured shed always be there - I still talked to many of my girlfriends as I did when I was single...but I was just being myself, I later understood she hated it so I stopped, we've known each other for some time now and we know who we've slept with, dated and all that jazz...anyways she had horrible issues trusting me, she knew id never cheat, but for the reasons of me talking to the girls as friends she didn't trust me...anyways - I've seen her the past 2 Fridays, last Friday I dropped something to her and said "you gotta stop doing this, you blow me away with your beauty still when I see you" she smiled and I hugged and kissed her on the forehead then left to keep it short and simple she seemed happy I said that and upset I had to leave so soon...the following Thursday she called and I didn't pick up because I was busy, she then called me 2 more times in a row and texted "PLEASE HELP ME" so I called immediately and no pick up- asked if she needed me or the police there or what, she said I'm fine I got help - so the next day I stopped into her work where I work out and went to her desk to see if she was OK...before even saying anything she goes, stay away from my desk and me, you gotta stop coming to see me every Friday, leave me alone - now wait a min I saw her last Friday due to her request and this Friday because I wanted to know what happened and if she was OK - I left and said "whatever" and I got a "go f yourself" in reply...i later texted her and asked why she was like that when all I was doing was making sure she was OK...she said I needed to stop because if I didn't stop talking to her shed never get over me...then randomly said 'I'm seeing someone and it wouldn't be fair to him if we kept talking' - now the only reason I was talking to her was number one to find out if she was OK, number two I originally requested her to give me time till April and she said there's no way she wants to go that long w/o talking so whatever I gave in and kept communication open, I just don't get why shed bring up a guy if we both agreed not to talk about guys/girls...and why she went from help me to I hate you in a day? I want to get back with her, but I want us both to have space - we both agree if its meant to be it will be, she even said herself if its going to work ever I need to get over the past...i love her so much and want her back I just don't know what to do, I'm going to give her time as I need it as well - my b day is march 12th, what should I do if she says happy b day? just a "thanks" or what if she doesn't - do I say f it and never look back? I want her to know ill always care for her and love her..
to me I feel I just nee to give her space for herself, weather she's seeing someone or not - which I wish I never knew - but I feel that she can't make her mind up because I'm still there - I can't be persuading her decision she needs to do this alone
Also the other day I asked her if she didn't want to be with me gain w/o hesitation an she said no I don't, but she keep throwing me mixed signals...ugh I just miss her, but I'm beginning to think I just need someone else to chill with other than my boys
found out she really is seeing someone...i saw a LIME GREEN teddy bear in her SUV after I worked out - I actually went to see if the cookie monster I got her was there and of course it was lol...i actually just laughed, mostly because of the color..
ok what the hell...after telling me to leave her alone completely(as I was actually doing) she JUST texted me...telling me if I have time to drive by her old house and how she cried because everything was gone and it was very upsetting...


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  • im doing the same thing. its complicated and its mess. initally I broke up with my boyfriend because he was smothering me and nvr trusted me. I took advantage of him and continued to talk to my guy friends and alwasy got p*ssed when my boyfriend would question me. during our break up I realized "sh*t I love him what am I thinking" but by the time I called him he had already changed his mind. he realized he had been taken advantage of and that he deserved better but told me he only needed time and he would come back. I said alright and waited weeeks went by and I was moving on bit by bit. I started dating someone else. he was one of my guy friends that my ex had gotten mad about me talking to him. after that my ex realized that he really had lost me and has been doing little things to get me back ever since. yesterday he dropped by flowers, day befor he dropped of cds and candy on my doorstep, and everynight he calls me. we talk for 20 minutes or so but then he always brings up the past and I can't talk about it. its like I wantedwhat I couldn't have and then as soon as I got it I didn't want it and same for my ex. now he wants me because he can't have me.

    what I've realized is its best to let things go. yall broke up or took a break for a reson if its something serious like potentiall marriage you won't be able to take a break if y0ou get marrired. its called divorce and that's much mesier. so its best to just stop. block her number and get involved in your job or family. I know its hard but do you ever think things can be the same?

    • Ive thought about that a lot...like ok if she forgives me, awesome, maybe we can try again, but do I really think she won't bring up the past again...im not even so sure, I know I'm different, she said if I was this way back then we'd be perfect for one another but I wasn't....and I don't know I wouldn't jump back in if she wanted to get back together, but I'd take it very slowly...see if she's actually over the past, who knows what will happen..i was moving on then she had to say new guy..what the hell

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