Will I get him back ever? based on my story.

I dated my ex for 2 years. In those two years we became really close and he even told his mom he was getting serious about me. For some reason towards the end we started bickering more and more. Finally we got into a big fight and he said he needed a break. For the life of me I couldn't understand and begged and begged and begged him to talk to me. He finally did and then I begged him to give us a second chance...he did but really didn't want to. A month later it blew up again and he hasn't really talked to me since. But throughout the times we talked he started out with I love you and care about you but I don't love you like that anymore...then it just went to I care about you. I don't understand. For a while he told me, "I'm trying to make you happy while I give me some time." I couldn't understand so I kept bugging him, calling him, texting him and going to his job. That p*ssed him off but I didn't know how to handle this.

Do you think the fighting got to him and he doesn't want that drama anymore? Also, he doesn't seem to want to work things out...should I leave him alone and maybe there might be a slight chance he'll call? Have I gone too far for me to leave him alone and him want me again?
Will I get him back ever? based on my story.
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