Should I tell him or no?

OK so I recently started going out with this boy on the 9th everything was going great between us we talked everyday and night. When he first asked me out he told me not to tell no one about us because he liked me a lot and he didn't want any problems the truth is I also didn't want no one to know so I was OK with that. The first time we chilled together that we had our first kiss I saw my ex in him but I didn't tell him nothing. Me and my ex had been dating for 4 months then we broke up and I found out he had cheated on him and I was hurt real bad. The day before me and my recent boyfriend kissed my ex had hit me up telling me that he called me and no one had picked up. What does that mean? I don't want to cheat on my current boyfriend but I know if my ex kisses me I won't be able to stop him and I'm going o get carried away.


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  • What? You're answering your own questions for yourself. You know it would be wrong so why do it. If there's still something there for the olg guy, let go of the new one before he gets hurt. It wouldn't be fair to anyone in this situation you know. And you CAN control yourself, if you like this new guy enough, you'll have to do whatever it takes. Don't get a bad reputation just because you say you CAN'T control yourself. It wouldn't be a very good explanantion either. Why did you do it, "because, I couldn't control myself!" come on girl!

    • It's like whenI'm around my ex like I just get all horny and sh*t I feel like jumping on him and f***ing him all night long lmao I'm a freak and when I'm with my boyfriend everythings different I feel things I never felt before like yea I also get horny and I get real wet but it's differenti can control myself it's something I can't explain. I never cheated on my boyfriend and my ex like me and him hadn't talked since august and he just randomly hit me up on aim acting all sweet.

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